The sun beams more energy to Earth in one hour than is used by the entire planet’s population in one year. Humans have long attempted to find ways to harness a portion of that energy and turn it into a usable form. Solar panels use photovoltaic cells made from semiconductors such as silicon to convert the sun’s radiant energy into electrical energy. The more cells in a panel, the more electricity that panel can produce.

There are several reasons people should choose solar panels to help meet their energy needs:

  • According to Energy companies such as, They reduce energy costs: Fifty-six percent of the energy used in a typical American home is for heating and cooling. Today’s solar energy systems can result in savings of 50 percent or more on energy bills and pay for themselves in as little as five years. Federal and state tax credits, as well as incentives from some utility companies, can help reduce the cost of installation. Once the initial investment is recovered, solar energy is essentially free. In fact, solar panels often produce more energy than is needed; homeowners can then sell the excess back to the power grid.
  • They increase a home’s value: A Department of Housing and Urban Development survey shows that there is a 20 rise in a home’s value for every 1 reduction in annual utility bills. Other studies show that solar power increases a home’s resale value by 5.50 per watt. This means that a solar energy system can pay for itself almost immediately if the increase in home value is taken into consideration.
  • They are good for the environment: Solar is a clean energy source that reduces the use of fossil fuels currently supplying the majority of the world’s energy needs. Solar power produces energy without damaging the environment and has no impact on global climate.
  • They are reliable: Once solar panels are operating, maintenance costs are very low, since there are few moving parts in the system. Solar equipment has an average lifespan of 25 years, though there are many older systems that are still producing 80 percent of their original power. Reliability and longevity help make solar energy a safe investment that produces a good rate of return over a long period of time.

The benefits of solar power make it the most popular choice in renewable energy. With the supply of fossil fuels dwindling and their negative effect on the environment causing increased concerns, the use of solar power is climbing. The number of people installing solar panels in the U.S. rose 55 percent from 2011 to 2012 as more people take advantage of the sun’s limitless energy supply.

A family who is cost conscious can find many ways to save time and money. One way to save these items is by consolidating home tasks. One way to consolidate home tasks is by going grocery shopping and household item shopping at the same time and place and only once per week. Running these two particular errands and one time saves money on fuel, and it can even save the person money on discounts from spending a certain amount.

Washing dishes and clothing items at the same time can be a Continue Reading

Summer energy costs tend to be higher than the other seasons for obvious reasons. The weather is so hot outside that people put the AC on more often and for longer periods of time. They have to turn it way down low, and this makes for higher energy costs.

Instead of doing this, there are some money saving tips that allow you to remain cool and comfortable without having to empty your bank account to do it. All that you need to do is think of resourceful ways in which you can Continue Reading

If you are concerned that your spending habits have gotten out of control, you are probably tempted to tear up your credit cards and pay for everything with cash. However, credit card use is an important way of doing business in modern times. It can be difficult to purchase an airline ticket, rent a car or book a hotel room if you do not have a credit card to use in these transactions. Retaining at least one credit card is Continue Reading

None of us like to think about when life attacks, but we still prepare for it. You grab the umbrella when the skies look grey, you buy a new set of locks when the home next door is broken into and, if your line of work is particularly hazardous, you might have needed the services of the Disability Benefits Alliance.

However, even with disability and other helpful services, sometimes it’s not enough and when you’re all laid up and out of work, you’ll be happy you saved.

But how does one save money? It’s easy and here are just a few ways:

1.) Don’t eat out so much. You might think that eating out is cheap, but it can all add up to a pretty serious amount. Better to spend a lot upfront for a week’s worth of groceries. It’s healthier and it can also be cheaper.

2.) Take inventory of your expenses. Then decide which of these are necessities and which are not. Trim the non-essentials from the equation and you could be left with quite a decent sum.

3.) Give the credit card a nap. Stick it in some fold of your wallet where you can’t immediately see it, write yourself a note, whatever you do, just make sure you only use the credit card in emergencies.

There are many reasons why a debit card is a much better choice to other options that are available for making a purchase. A debit card is typically issued by a bank or credit union. The debit card is linked to a checking account of a savings account.

One reason why a debit card is a much better choice is that you do not need to have cash on hand or to write check from a check book. A debit card electronically debits the amount of a purchase directly out of Continue Reading

Many people get bogged down with a lot of different credit cards and have a hard time keeping track of all of them. Often times, this leads to late payments resulting in interest and fees that increase the difficulty of repaying outstanding balances. To reduce the risk of late payment, having one credit card is often a good option. However, given the increased importance of credit cards to our lifestyles, how can one survive with just one credit card? What tips are useful for making the switch to one credit card?

If you are seeking to survive with just Continue Reading

The simplest and practical way to save money quickly is to start cooking at home. We spend so much money going out to eat that it becomes a habit. You will find yourself going out to eat for breakfast, lunch and for dinner. It’s just so easy to go to restaurant or a diner and order your food, eat and you are on your way. Before you know it, you’re spending and spending without even noticing. This is because we live our lives fast and want everything easy and you bet that someone else serving you is Continue Reading

The current economy has many people worried. As savings and retirement accounts drop, many are wondering what they can do to save money. The answers to this question are found at home, but the answers require something many are not willing to do. You will have to make sacrifices.

The latte you buy every morning on the way to work needs to go. Buy a coffee maker, coffee and filters and save money. The initial investment Continue Reading

There are many ways one could save and invest their money, you just have to have patients and be willing to do with out some things in life in order to save your money. One way of saving money is to only spend what you need to spend instead of doing unnecessary spending. You can treat yourself every once in awhile, just know when enough is enough. You can take all advances you receive from work and put them into an account and continue on like you Continue Reading